Add AWS Cognito authorization to your website in 15 minutes.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is this website selling?

I'm selling you a software library to help integrate AWS Cognito authentication into your website in under 15 minutes.

AWS Cognito is a completely managed Identify service. It is a great option to add authentication to your website quickly, especially if you are hosting a lot of other resources on AWS and need to authenticate users before providing access to resources such as API's or objects in S3.

This package includes the following features.

  • A serverless.yml file to help you deploy an AWS Cognito Userpool using the serverless framework.
  • Support for the following workflows
    • User registration
    • Email verification
    • User login
    • Reset forgotten password
  • Bootstrap modals for the above workflows
  • Sample website to show you everything fits together
  • Email support

Yes, just click the Login button at the top of this website.